A dedication celebrates the completion of Lac Bois d’Arc

Hundreds of people gather to commemorate the first
big texas lake built in 30 years

Fannin County, TX (October 14, 2022) – The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) officially opened Bois d’Arc Lake in Fannin County, TX today to celebrate the completion of the most the state’s recent major reservoir and its associated operating facilities.

The ceremony brought together nearly 300 officials near the Lac Bois d’Arc dam and spillway to commemorate the end of the work. Current and past members and staff of the NTMWD Board of Directors were joined by representatives from member cities and customers from the District, Texas Water Development Board, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Fannin County, town of Bonham, federal and state officials, as well as engineers and contractors. designed and built the project.

The ‘Celebrating the Gift of Water and Legacy of Service’ event included an inauguration ceremony by the NTMWD Board of Directors. Several state officials and elected officials spoke at the event, including Brooke Paup, President of the Texas Water Development Board, Craig Bonds, Director of Inland Fisheries for the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, Sen. Bob Hall and State Rep. Reggie Smith.

This year’s drought affecting most of Texas and rapid growth in North Texas underscore the need for additional water supplies to prepare for the future. Lac Bois d’Arc will help meet the needs of the district’s current customers and the more than 55,000 people who move into its service area each year. Some of the counties served by NTMWD are among the fastest growing in the country, and the region’s population is expected to double by 2050.

The new 16,641-acre (26-square-mile) lake is owned and operated by NTMWD and the first large reservoir built in Texas in more than 30 years. The district began licensing and planning for the reservoir in 2003 and held a groundbreaking ceremony in May 2018. The Lac Bois d’Arc dam is two miles long and 90 feet high. The project required the support of five major contractors, dozens of subcontractors to complete various components, and a workforce of approximately 1,000 people at the height of construction.

“After nearly 20 years of planning, permitting and construction, Lac Bois d’Arc is becoming a reality,” said NTMWD General Manager Jenna Covington. “Today we celebrate and honor everyone who has made this vital new resource possible. A safe regional water supply is essential for public health and the safety of the communities we serve.

NTMWD Executive Director Jenna Covington addresses hundreds gathered to celebrate the completion of the state’s newest major reservoir.

Water from Lac Bois d’Arc will be treated at a new water treatment plant in the final stages of construction in Leonard, TX. When operational next year, the plant will be able to treat and deliver up to 70 million gallons of potable water per day to the district’s service area.

“Lake Bois d’Arc will provide essential access to safe and reliable water for future generations of North Texans,” said Jack May, Chairman of the NTMWD Board of Directors. “This project highlights our heritage and vision of regional service through unity, including the crucial coordination between our federal, state and local government organizations.”

The costs of the $1.6 billion project are shared by the communities that receive water from NTMWD. The Texas Water Development Board committed $1.477 billion in low-interest financing for the lake through the State Water Implementation Fund of Texas (SWIFT), saving more than $240 million in interest costs.

As part of the project, more than 17,000 acres of nearby land has been mitigated by pre-agricultural conditions, including planting 6.3 million trees, improving 8,500 acres of wetlands, restoring 70 miles of waterways and the planting of 3,200 acres of native prairie.

The primary purpose of Lac Bois d’Arc is to provide a reliable source of water for the District service area. It will also be a recreation destination for the entire North Texas region. Lac Bois d’Arc remains closed to public use while we wait for enough rain to make it safe for boating, fishing and other recreational activities. NTMWD has constructed three public boat ramps, parking lots, and picnic areas that will be available when the lake opens for recreation. The Lac Bois d’Arc Operations Center provides classrooms and meeting facilities for local civic and school districts.

“We are thrilled that construction on the lake is now complete and we are already seeing it boost our economy,” Fannin County Judge Randy Moore said. “We anticipate that Lac Bois d’Arc will continue to serve as a catalyst for new growth and development to benefit Bonham, the surrounding area and all of Fannin County.”

For more information on the Lac Bois d’Arc project, visit www.boisarclake.org.


The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) was established in 1951 as a special state district. Today, NTMWD is a regional wholesale provider of water, wastewater and solid waste disposal services in ten counties – a service territory covering 2,200 square miles. NTMWD serves more than two million inhabitants with drinking water, more than 1.4 million people with wastewater collection and treatment, and around 930,000 people with solid waste management services.

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