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On Monday May 24th and Tuesday May 25th, two talented groups of students from Cut Bank High School will present their unique creations. The students showing off their talents are from Brian Hayes’ Welding Classes and Chelsey Brown’s Art 1-4 and Art History Classes.

The community is invited to come and see the students’ projects on both evenings. There is no charge to attend.

Doors will be open from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Cut Bank Schools Automotive and Welding Shop and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Gymnasium Lobby at Cut Bank High School.

The Auto and Welding Shop is located next to Anna Jeffries Elementary School and the Highway Barn at 105 Second Ave. NW.

“Due to the size and weight of the items, it’s extremely difficult to move everything back and forth in high school,” he said.

“The projects that we will be showing during the show will be a wide range of items ranging from required projects to free choice projects,” said Hayes.

“Some projects are relatively simple and others are complex. Due to the space and the desire to take their projects home when completed, it will be difficult to predict what the children will be able to bring back. Every student is expected to have something in the show and it will be good for parents to see the progress individuals have made.

Hayes is eager to show the community what the students are learning and the different skills they have learned over the past year.

“I hope the show puts a little more pressure on the kids to do quality work and be proud of what they do,” he added.

Each of the welders in Hayes’ classes learns to weld from the first step. They can add skills to their list as they improve and show a desire to continue.

“Watching a student go from being a beginner welder to completing advanced projects is very rewarding,” he said. He added, “More importantly, is when they become productive members of the workforce and a community and learn the skills to become a valuable employee. ”

Brown’s art students will showcase their art projects in the lobby of the high school gymnasium. The projects can be viewed before and during the high school choir and orchestra concerts, which take place on those same evenings.

Students in Brown’s Art 1-4 and Art History classes will all have something to do with the show.

“My Art 1 students have several projects assigned throughout the year that will be in the art exhibit. Art 2 students have four main projects to complete throughout the year, including a surreal poster, an acrylic painting using a graphic technique, plaster masks, and clay monsters. Art 3 and 4 students carry out projects of their choice, in the medium of their choice, throughout the year and art history students have projects assigned to each chapter that we cover in our manual ”, she explained.

Brown said the art exhibit is an important part of every class and a highlight of the work done throughout the year. It is also an opportunity for the students to show the piece or pieces of which they are most proud.

“They worked hard on their assignments and it shows,” Brown said. “It’s always something to be proud of. The community loves to come and see the students’ work because each piece is unique and different from the room next to it. You can really see the joy and determination in my student’s work.

Teaching art is pure joy for Brown. She enjoys seeing her students progress and succeed with each project, which she says helps them “become better artists”.

She said she “also enjoys pushing students out of their comfort zone with art, although it frustrates them at first. This makes them better artists with every project and they are always learning a new technique or skill. Each student is so unique and different and you can see it in their artwork.

It is a tradition in art classes to choose an artist or artists of the year. Brown has selected three students who are all seniors this year and who are from his Art classes 3 and 4. The artists of the year 2021 are Camille Bradley, Zoe Dempsey and Brianne Murphy.

“The three girls devoted their time and commitment during class and even outside of class to succeed in their art studies. They all like to come and relax and focus on their projects. Their willingness to return only their best work and accept criticism to become a better artist is evident in every one of their pieces this year, ”Brown said proudly.

Art, whether it’s a beautifully painted animal scene or a perfectly welded sculpture, is the ultimate form of self-expression. Not everyone can be an artist, but everyone can appreciate the work of an artist. Come see for yourself what the talented artists of Cut Bank High School have been doing all year. You will not be disappointed.


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