New facility for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions at BNE

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Brisbane Airport Corporation has extended its excellence in logistics development, announcing a major new distribution center for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions.

The Oslo-based logistics company specializes in the global distribution of cars, trucks, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, and other machinery, including general and project cargo, with operations in 29 countries .

In Australia, Wallenius Wilhelmsen provides logistics solutions to manufacturers in the automotive, rolling machinery and project freight industries, with 5 technical service facilities in strategic locations across the country.

Brisbane Airport Corporation will develop a 6,000m² building and 42,000m² hard surface area for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions, which will open in early 2023.

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen facility will also include a warehouse and workshop of approximately 5,500 m² of net leasable area (NLA), a concrete surface of 13,522 m² and an asphalt surface of 28,478 m².

Martin Ryan, commercial executive general manager of the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), said the purpose-built facility would include overhead cranes, workshop pits, wash bays and 2 paint booths capable of performing complete repaints of various equipment and machinery.

“Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s decision to base its Queensland logistics center at Brisbane Airport demonstrates our commitment to providing tailored solutions to our tenants in an unrivaled location,” he said.

“With the continued growth of the cargo and logistics industries, Brisbane Airport is well positioned to grow with the demand of large corporations looking to expand or expand their footprint in Queensland.”

Wallenius Wilhelmsen will join the more than 425 companies based on the Brisbane Airport grounds, including other major transport and logistics companies such as Australia Post, Toll and Geodis. A number of major logistics and transportation companies are expanding their operations within the airport grounds, with recent upgrades or plans underway. These include Direct Couriers, DHL and Bonds Transport.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s managing director for ground operations in Australia, Prakash Joshi, said they were delighted to join Brisbane Airport’s industrial hub, given its outstanding transport links and focus on durability.

“Given our global focus on sustainable supply chains, Brisbane Airport’s combination as a key intermodal hub and its low carbon targets made it a clear choice for our logistics hub,” Joshi said.

“We look forward to joining the freight community in the compound.”

Supply chain and logistics companies are a growing sector of airport leasing amid rising cargo demand and the unique opportunity for 24/7 operations 7.

Following the successful establishment of the Export Park compound, development is now underway at Airport Industrial Park, a planned warehousing, logistics and manufacturing area to meet demand for industrial space in Queensland .

It is part of the $1.7 billion property portfolio managed by Brisbane Airport Corporation, which guides the sustainability of all of BAC’s 2,700 hectare leases.

With unparalleled access to air, road transport hubs and the Port of Brisbane, BNE is Queensland’s premier gateway and one of the largest single-owned venues in the southeast of the state. .

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About Wallenius Wilhelmsen: The Wallenius Wilhelmsen Group is a market leader in RoRo shipping and vehicle logistics, transporting cars, trucks, rolling stock and general cargo around the world. The company operates more than 130 vessels serving 16 trade routes to six continents, as well as a global domestic distribution network, fulfillment centers and marine terminals around the world. The Wallenius
The Wilhelmsen Group consists of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions, EUKOR and ARC. The group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has 8,200 employees in 29 countries around the world.

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