Seeing Machines and ANU Win ARC Linkage Grant

Seeing Machines and ANU Win ARC Linkage Grant

Canberra-based Seeing Machines and the Australian National University have jointly received a grant from the Australian Research Council Linkage Project to improve in-vehicle situational awareness using visual and audio sensors.

The four-year project will help three ANU PhD students and a researcher use advanced artificial intelligence methods to infer and predict unsafe driver and passenger behavior.

The project brings together Professor Stephen Gould and Dr Liang Zheng of ANU with Dr Akshay Asthana of Seeing Machines, Professor Mike Lenné and the company’s co-founder Dr Sébastien Rougeaux.

It will seek to develop driving features designed to detect when humans become drowsy or distracted and use autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technology to mitigate the risks associated with these behaviors.

Since its inception in 2020, Seeing Machines has become a global technology leader in driver and occupant monitoring systems, with customers in the automotive, commercial transportation and aviation industries.

Lenné said R&D is fundamental to the continued innovation of the company’s driver and operator monitoring system technology solution.

“Being at the cutting edge of driver and occupant technology, and having an unparalleled understanding of human behavior and access to the data behind it, is key to our continued success,” he said. “Programs like this grant help Seeing Machines maintain our leadership position and, most importantly, ensure our customers can deliver cutting-edge features in their vehicles and get people home safely.”

Image credit: © Le Moal

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