Silver Hill Funding Launches Direct Commercial Loan Personalization Tool for Salt

Commercial mortgage lender Silver Hill Funding LLC launched Commercial Direct, an online loan personalization tool designed to support “quick and flexible loans” to small businesses and real estate investors, including those in the self-storage industry. . The loans are flexible to suit individual needs, allowing for customization of fixed rate periods, interest rates, payment dates and prepayments, according to a press release.

Borrowers can seek financing through an online application. The custom terms are calculated to “allow borrowers to select their ideal solutions and be prequalified in minutes,” the statement said.

Commercial Direct will provide loans between $ 250,000 and $ 5 million at a loan-to-value ratio of 80%. The mortgages will be guaranteed by Silver Hill.

“We created Commercial Direct because in today’s competitive, digital world, small business owners and investors are wired for high speeds and need fast, flexible lending solutions to move their businesses forward.” , said Leslie Smith, chief executive. “We enable new and experienced borrowers to make quick, informed decisions and close their loans in weeks, unlike the months of processing often encountered with traditional bank mortgages. “

Silver Hill is a national low balance commercial mortgage lender. It is a division of Bayview Asset Management LLC, a full service mortgage investment firm, specializing in building and managing mortgage portfolios for over 20 years. Silver Hill specializes in loans for light industrial, multi-family, office, retail, self-storage and other commercial properties.

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