The Future of American Agriculture: Broadband Solutions for the Farm Office, Field, and Community



Innovation has long been a hallmark of American agriculture. American farmers have continually adapted their operations to meet new demand and remain competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

Today, broadband is a necessary tool to innovate in agricultural practices, allowing a more targeted and more efficient use of resources. Farmers need connectivity on the farm and farm office, in the field and in the community. But the evidence shows that a majority of American farmers do not have the connectivity required.

How can we provide the broadband that farmers need?

When the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society interviewed farmers, rural service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other agricultural leaders and experts, a broad consensus emerged around several key findings for rural broadband. , such as the need for robust download speeds, accurate network deployment data, and scalable technologies. Farmers know what they need for sustainable, data-driven agriculture that can keep pace with growing global food demand. Now is the time to hear from them and deploy the broadband networks and adoption strategies they need to continue to innovate and feed the world.

Special thanks to all those who made this work possible, who contributed their particular expertise, raised important questions and offered insightful recommendations, in particular our partners on the United Soybean Board (USB). This project, which proposes key principles and highlights practical solutions for the deployment and adoption of broadband, builds on the job and objectives: to fill the current broadband gap to increase the productivity and sustainability of agriculture.


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